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      About Fantastic Fudge

      As you know, Fantastic Fudge is THE hot spot on Amelia Island. We're located in the heart of downtown historic Fernandina Beach. In addition to our marble slab fudge, hand-dipped chocolates, and gourmet confections, we are equally loved for our ice cream. The sweet aroma of fudge and freshly made waffle cones always attracts a crowd in front of our store. The gaggle of happy people enjoying our ice cream and goodies makes us easy to find on the corner of Centre street and Third.

      Fantastic Fudge is a family-owned and operated business. The owner, Steve Colwell, has been making candy since he was a high school freshmen in his hometown of Petoskey, Michigan.

      After college he moved to Fernandina Beach to open Fantastic Fudge with the encouragement and support of his parents. They had discovered the then-sleepy town of Fernandina Beach, Florida, while camping at Fort Clinch State Park.

      After Steve chose the old and vacant Hardee Brothers hardware store on Centre Street as the perfect location for his fudge shop, renovation began in 1988. To make ends meet while planning for the shop's grand opening, Steve joined the construction crew for the building's renovation.

      Over the next 23 years, Steve grew the business from a one-man show to a regionally-recognized candy lover's dream.

      At Fantastic Fudge we take pride in producing handmade confections, and our efforts have been recognized by Southern Living, The Travel Channel, Food TV as well as many local publications and television stations.

      The treats we serve have been crafted with love and 30 years of experience. We hope you feel as happy eating it as we did making it.